LIO Path Options


LIO_PATH_OPTIONS : [-rp regex_path | -gp glob_path] [-ro regex_object | -go glob_object] [path_1 ... path_N]


LIO Path options. When specifying paths one can either provide a single path and object regular expression/glob or one can specify a collection of paths. Each path is interpreted as a glob with each ‘/’ in the path or regular expression acting as a directory break in the pattern. Wildcards do not recurse multiple directory levels. For example the path glob ‘/my/file/*/here’ will match ‘/my/file/is/here’ but not ‘/my/file/is/not/here’. Once the path is fully matched it is possible to recursively check all sub directories beneath the match. The recursion depth is controlled via a command dependent parameter. During the recursion scan the object glob or regular selection is used for making the final object selection.

Instead of specifying a single glob or regex path and object set one can specify one or more paths for selections. This is the most common case.


-rp regex_path
Regular expression of path.
-gp glob_path
Glob of path
-ro regex_obj
Regular expression for final object selection.
-go glob_obj
Glob for final object selection.
path1 .. pathN
Glob of paths


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