lio_fuse [FUSE_OPTIONS] mount_point –lio [LIO_COMMON_OPTIONS]


L-Store Linux FUSE driver for mounting L-Store on a Linux system. The FUSE and L-Store options must be segregated in order to use the FUSE argument parser. This is accomplished by adding the –lio flag which acts as the deliminator.

For a full ist of available FUSE mounting options see the FUSE man page or web site.

Common FUSE Options

Linux mount point.
-h, –help
print this help
print FUSE mount options help
-V, –version
Print FUSE version
-d, -o debug
Enable debug output (implies -f)
Disable multi-threaded operation.
Foreground operation. Default is to fork() and run i nthe background
Mount options
  • big_writes - Enable large writes
  • use_ino - Use L-Store Inode numbers
  • kernel_cache - Enable kernel caching of data
  • allow_other - Allow multiple users to access data
  • fsname=lfs:lio -Set the file system name that show up in mount output. Adding this options allows LIO commands to automatically detect L-Store mounts and convert paths appropriately. Greatly minimizing the need for user@host:/path syntax.


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See also

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